Rafting is our main activity. Our certified and years on years of experienced guides will provide you all the equipment you need for the activity and will make you have an unforgettable experience. This activity is appropriate from 6 years olds to all ages. The Alseseca and Filibobos river provide different sections: There are theee mains ones, but depending on the levels some other sections will come into play.

1.- Encanto-Palmilla: It starts with an easy hike to the river. Ones you get to the banks of the Alseseca, the guides will provide you the necessary information and gear for the trip. You will get on the rafts and paddle to a spectacular waterfalls call the “Encanto”, right after that the action of the rapids will start and the adventure will continue with a light lunch half way down and some incredible jumps and games.


2.- Alto Filo: This section starts with a 30 minute drive through the mountains that will take you to the top of the cliff where you will have to hike down through some of the most beautiful pads in the middle of the jungle, enjoying different views each corner. Ones you arrive to the river you will go down in the middle of some of the deepest canyons of the world. During the trip you will eat a delicious lunch and have the adrenalines of cliff jumps.

3.- Pirámides: This section is only done when the river has higher flows. The adrenaline of the high water will make you try different things like surfing waves. This is one of the most unique experiences since you will go through the two archaeological sites of the Totonaca Culture: Vega de la Peña y Cuajilote.