Adventure to the pyramids


Aventurec offers a day in the pyramids of Tajin. From the Totonaca culture based out of Papantla. The trip leaves early in the morning, starting with a 1:30 min drive to Papantla. You get to spend all day at the pyramids and the shuttle leaves late afternoon back to Aventurec. You can choose to stop and eat a good meal at the beach in Costa Esmeralda.

Vega de la peña:

This arqueological center is part of the valley of Filobobos, and its a typical mese-american city from the totonaca culture. We offer various ways to visit the ruins since there is no access by car: Horse back riding, hiking, biking.



Ceremonial center from the Totonaca culture, which is also based in the Valley of Filobobos. Aventurec offers shuttles for you to visit and explore the ruins.

Dia en la playa:

Aventurec te lleva a que pases un excelente y relajado dia en la playa de Costa Esmeralda. La playa se Aventurec will take you an hour away to Costa Esmeralda. To enjoy and relax in a beautiful day at the beach.

Visita a la Cascada Tomata:

Tomata falls is 20 minutes away from our based camp in the Alseseca river and its an impressive 22 meter waterfall.