¿How to get to Aventurec?

From Mexico City (DF) – 6 hours

Buses are available directly from the Benito Juarez Airport to Puebla. Make sure to ask to go to Puebla CAPU (there are two bus stations in Puebla), as this is where buses leave from going towards Tlapacoyan. Once in Puebla CAPU, take a bus 3 hours directly to Tlapacoyan, or indirectly through various other bus stations (ex. Teziutlan). Expect to pay around $500 MXN for these bus tickets.

 From Puebla – 3 hours

From the Puebla airport, take an airport taxi to the Puebla CAPU bus station. Buses leave every 1 to 2 hours from Puebla CAPU to Tlapacoyan. Same information as above starting from Puebla.

From Veracruz – 5 hours

Buses leave regularly from Veracruz, however these only go as far as Martinez de La Torre. From there, take a 30 min bus ride towards Tlapacoyan and ask driver to stop at Aventurec. Taxi ride is also available from Martinez de La Torre.

If driving from Veracruz, take route 180 north along the coast until Nautla. Take a left onto route 129 west towards Martinez de La Torre and Tlapacoyan. Aventurec is located several kilometers before arriving in Tlapacoyan, and can be identified by the large banner outside the entrance.

From Cancún – 21 hours

We do not recommend making the trip from Cancun to Aventurec in one stretch. There are many rivers and sights to see along the way that you can explore during the daytime, we strongly advise against traveling during the night.

Tlapacoyan Station

A taxi service is available directly outside the bus station. These will cost around $60 MXN and will take no more than 10 minutes to arrive at Aventurec.