We are located in Tlapacoyan, Veracruz, close to the Filobobos Valley (Protected Natural area), there are two Arqueologícal centers: Cuajilote and Vega de la Peña, both from the Totonaca Culture. We are based within 15 hectares of land with oranges, plantains and coffee plants, it is full of gardens with a rage of biodiversity.

We are a resort with more than 20 years of experience in outdoor activities, such as: Rafting, Zip Lines, Horse Back Riding, Rappel, Climbing, Sweat lodge, Kayaking, Summer camps, school camps and corporate team-building.

We offer 6 different packages, which include lodging, food and a variety of outdoor activities. However we can also make special packages that suit your needs.

The food is serve in the restaurant of the resort, delicious buffets that are cook with ingredients from the region. Regarding lodging, you will be able to choose from a private cabin with all the amenities, a hostal room or going fully outdoorsy and bringing your own tent.