Emmett de Maynadier

Emmett has been the Kayaking Manager at Aventurec for two seasons and has extensively explored and guided along Mexico’s creeks and rivers. Emmett has taught whitewater kayaking around the United States in Potomac, Maryland, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and The Forks, Maine. He also has extensive experience with Swiftwater Rescue having taught classes for the American Canoe Association and has been part of steep Class V descents across the world from Canada to New Zealand.

Sofia Reinoso

Sofi grew up at Aventurec, learning to kayak on the local rivers. She has extensive guiding experience on her home rivers in Mexico and other countries around the globe including Argentina, Colombia, France, Chile, and the United States. Sofi is a competitive creek and slalom kayaker who has competed at an international level for Mexico since 2013. In 2019, she won the bronze medal in the women's K1 event at the 2019 Pan American Games held in Lima, Peru, where she also won the bronze medal in the women's Extreme K1 event. She also medaled in the Extreme K1 event at the 2020 World Cup in Pau, France.

Antonio Reinoso

Antonio also grew up at Aventurec, he´s been running the Mexican classics for years now. He is an amazing paddler, graduated from World Class Academy. He is eager to teach in his home runs. He has also competed intenacionally in slalom and creeking, with finishing podiums around the world. He has been the consecutive champion of the Alseseca Race. He also has experience with tecahing and swift water recues. 


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Come explore the most exciting rivers in the world with some of the highest waterfalls around. The area around Aventurec has a lot of classic whitewater runs that have been explored by thousands of experienced kayakers, are you next? We offer shuttles, kayak rent, food and a place to stay. Therefor you can focus fully on the experience and the whitewater.