Build your team

Get your team to the next level by letting them work together in dificult and adventures activities. By completing these challenges together team spirit will spark and have them ready for upcoming challenges at work.


Team Building at Aventurec involves activities that allow members of  a company to join each other out of  a working environment, to be able to grow as a team. This way they can determine their mission, as well as understand their common objective and learn more about each other. It aims to work with people that are part of an organization, and develop characteristics of leadership, communication, team work and other aspects; relational as well as personal that complement their profesional knowledge. It is oriented for companies who value personal and profesional growth for their workers and consider learning as an experience of positive results for the organization in general. 

Our workshops are adapted to the necessities, time and requirements of each corporation, we aim to fulfill and exeed your expectations.



The main goal of the camp is to immerse the kids into nature, using it as a resource of a learning environment and an enjoyable place. We want to give an opportunity to the kids to enjoy and learn about outdoor activities such as: rafting, rappel, kayak, etc in a safe environment and adequate for their age, always with the supervision and direction of our instructors in each area. One of our missions is that all the campers work in a team and help each other. With our activities we aim to stimulate their creativity and their ability to learn, enjoy and respect nature.

These camps are normally adapted to the kids age, reasons of the trip (graduations, team building, etc)  and any specifications from the school or parents.

Challenge your team!

Do you think your team is up for the challenge? Come and see.